WICCI Belgium


With belief in the collective strength of women in effecting change and transformation, WICCI Belgium actively creates and promotes local and global networks nurturing the growth of women-owned businesses and cooperation for greater trade. Unifying the collective strength of women, WICCI engages in advocacy and assistance regarding government legislation, policy making and implementation of projects that directly or indirectly influence and impact women’s greater wellbeing in economy and society.


  • Empowering women entrepreneurs through advocacy, pro-active representations to government, implementing projects for women via funds allocated by various government agencies and corporates
  • WICCI promotes and supports business success through network building, fellowship, mentorship and sponsorship of select endeavours.
  • Through members’ initiatives and collaborative relationships, WICCI promotes professional opportunities for economic success and business leadership.

Organisation structure

WICCI Belgium is part of the Indian National WICCI which is an independent body.

WICCI Belgium is a Bilateral Business Council consisting of: President (Mrs. Subhadra Van Loo, Vice-President (Mrs. Gita Van den Boer), plus 6 nominated members.