WICCI is a Business Chamber for Women.

WICCI is a Women’s Business Chamber for empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders in all walks of life through advocacy, pro-active representations to government, implementing projects for women via funds allocated by various government agencies and corporates, plus bringing awareness on all issues that concern women in their workplace. WICCI is an independent body. With 250.000 members and supporters worldwide, including 60.000 in India, WICCI drives fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, incentives and entrepreneurial ecosystems, with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields.

With various councils across India, Europe and other continents, WICCI actively engages the voice of thousands of diverse women entrepreneurs and professionals across all sectors and strata of economy and society. These diverse inputs form the basis of many of the unique ideas and innovative recommendations evolved by the various councils and presented to government authorities for policies that have a huge growth impact on women’s businesses, professions, equity and empowerment.


WICCI and its manifold Councils at International, National, Regional, State and City levels, suggest from time to time concrete steps and recommendations to relevant government authorities, engage in community outreach and collaborate with a variety of institutions to:

  • develop policy frameworks for incentives and concessions especially regard improved access to finance and credit, and tax benefits;
  • develop areas of focus sector-wise and with diverse stakeholders to mainstream women’s voices and uphold women’s interest, voice and visibility at multiple levels.
  • hold programs, webinars, conferences, and especially around how to: raise funds, structure businesses, increase market share, drive sales, improve branding, and enable B2B collaborations.
  • help mitigate our many challenges and boost business prospects through networking and mentoring;
  • collaborate across WICCI’s in India and abroad in mutual exchange and empowerment, boosting business-to-business interaction and economic activity.
  • strengthen women’s voice and leadership in the media and across institutions;
  • and other measures that empower the competitiveness of Businesswomen.

WICCI International Councils are flexibly structured, enabling them to work with inclusion, diversity and self-determination. Across all our platforms, we work with a spirit of sisterhood in trust and togetherness and an ethos of participatory/distributed leadership. We seek active engagement of all council members. When thousands of us give our ideas, then we will truly understand what needs to be done and implemented. These ideas and thoughts should continuously come from all strata of life and diverse backgrounds, so that one can implement with understanding of what is truly required at grassroots for policy and mindset change. It is these diverse inputs that form the broad basis of many of the unique ideas and innovative actions/recommendations evolved by councils and presented to various government authorities.

Dr Harbeen Arora is the president and founder of WEF & WICCI

Dr. Harbeen Arora is the Founder and Global Chairperson of Women Economic Forum (WEF).
It is the largest communities of women entrepreneurs and leaders that have opened opportunities for thousands of women worldwide for their personal and professional growth. Dr. Arora is also the National President of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), the first premier All-India National Women’s Chamber for Commerce & Industry empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders in India.

Women Economic Forum (WEF) fosters conversations, community, connections and collaborations among women worldwide. The enable ecosystem of exchange and sisterhood ignites and inspires greater enterprise and leadershop, propelling women’s economic empowerment and influence in all walks of life.

WEF conducts editions across the world, offering a compelling platform for women to rise and shine, while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful women, (social) entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities. By encouraging peer exchange and community spirit; enabling networking and collaborations; and enhancing personal influence and visibility. We have an active outreach to youth in communities, schools, colleges and universities as our young women and men are indispensable partners in delivering the change we wish to see. 

WEF is founded and headquartered in India, the cradle of civilisation that has forever welcomed and embraced ALL, with a most inclusive vision for humanity and the world as “One Divine Family,” as said in the Vedic phrase “Vasudeva Kutumbkam.” Our guiding spiritual mantra is “Love ALL, Serve ALL.”

Ours movement is of Gender Equality without Gender Divisiveness.

WEF – Mission Million 2022

We have also announced MISSION MILLION for 2022, aimed at connecting a million women entrepreneurs and supportive leaders worldwide as an empowering sisterhood and inspired community, toward opening up exponential opportunities for connections and collaborations toward Parity, Peace and Prosperity for All.

This would also be a community follow up on previous United Nations world conferences for women, held in Mexico in 1975, Copenhagen in 1980, Nairobi in 1985, and the 4WCW in Beijing in 1995 where 12000 women representative from across the world came together. 25+ years hence, since the UN has not yet moved toward a 5th World Conference for Women – which would serve as a modern milestone for the journey and growth of women empowerment in our times. We have thus envisioned the 5WCW as WEF – 5WCW Mission Million 2022 with the goal of having a million women worldwide gather for a 5th World Conference of Women (5WCW).

For WEF-5WCW Mission Million 2022, WEF events will be held in India and simultaneously ALL over the world along with members and partners in at least 1000+ cities showcasing women empowerment, solidarity and sustainable change through rallies, walks, seminars, conferences and creative interventions.